MCS vs X5

I’m stopped at a stop light, vaguely aware of a large MPV in the lane to my left but he is stopped at least halfway down the length of my MINI. I use this light all the time from work and it is notoriously slow to change. The change to green catches me by surprise. The X5 accelerates a little past me while I get my usual slow start in first. By the time I am in second our front bumpers are level. Just as I go to shift into third (yes, I shift gears too early, hard habit to break) I can sense the X5 wants over. There’s a right turn into a small strip mall which he wants and he’s pissed that I beat him to it. He breaks hard, pulls over to turn, flashes his lights, beeps his horn etc etc.

Now, this turn can be no more than 2000 feet from the stop light. What person in any kind of right mind thinks they will get to the turn in an X5 before me with time to change lanes? The MINI has been around long enough for people to know that its not a slouch, so why did this idiot think he could get there fast enough?

I swear that every day of driving here makes me wish I lived somewhere else.

3 thoughts on “MCS vs X5”

  1. Happens to me all the time. It even amazes me that it happens even if there is absolutely nobody behind you. Some of them make it their meaning in life to get in front of you. Glad it’s not just me.

    Hope to see you at AMVIV.

  2. The ‘funny’ thing is that almost the same thing happened last night in the Camry. At the last minute an X5 on my left decided he wanted the freeway and cut straight across us.

    Yes, we’ll see you in Vegas, Beken!

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