Interesting 2007 MINI Options

By now everyone and their dog has configured a 2007 MINI or two on the new configurator, of course I am no different. Two things I found interesting in the options list: the folding mirrors are finally available, and you will be able to get a lifetime Sirius radio subscription, no notice of cost for that one.

Off to England on Thursday so this blog and my others will be even more dull than usual until I return at the beginning of December.

5 thoughts on “Interesting 2007 MINI Options”

  1. Ah. I tried listening to the WRR stuff but found it too long to hold my attention so I haven’t been back there in a long time.

    I suppose that since I plan to keep Carrie until her wheels fall off it doesn’t matter how much these shiny 07 things cost, though I sure would love to have those folding mirrors. Almost smashed mine yesterday squeezing out of the garage.

  2. I like the fact that you express yourself as a lot of folks and sites are not doing! WRR I found a tad too long for my tastes also although if you can sit through a lot of the juvenile/Second City stuff there is a lot of info there.

  3. Looks like Mikey is in Liverpool but I’m not going any further north than Somerset this trip. Not sure the mirrors could be retrofitted to an ’05 cabrio?

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