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I had been unimpressed with the previous MINI magazine (can’t even remember the name of it right now) and so had not bothered to check out the MC2 periodical.

But tonight, in anticipation of a business trip to Tokyo next week, I bought a bunch of magazines and books to help with passing the time. I’m not leaving until Tuesday so what did I do ? Yep, started reading the magazines. One was MC2 and I must say that my first scan of the issue looked good and I am looking forward to reading most of it. If my suspicions are confirmed there is a good chance I will look for it on the shelves again.

9 thoughts on “MC2 Magazine”

  1. I like it 🙂
    The content & editorial style is improving with each issue – next issue should be full of MTTS stuff; looking forward to it …

  2. I have worked in the design field for 30+ years, here is my opinion on MC2. This is my opinion and not meant to be derogatory to any others, but…

    The original and in my opinion superior mag was GoMINI at least in graphic style.

    I will say that MC2 has improved in content but the design is bad 1950’s hot rod mag. Too many type styles, page layouts are amateur, at best. I was hoping that it would be so much more. I know it was started it on a shoestring budget but I know help was offered in the graphic area for free but mediocrity and ego prevailed. It’s a case of “I can use a hammer so I must be a carpenter” mentality. Well the house ain’t level and the doors don’t work!

    I will keep my subscription but only until something better comes along and… I will be reviewing it soon on my blog.


  3. Nothing wrong with ’50’s Hot Rod Mags… as a kid I loved them and had all I could get ahold of but that was the 50’s… in case you hadn’t looked at a calendar since then… it’s 2006.

    Let me make this crystal clear… If you like MC2 that’s your right but it’s my right to disagree! Period!

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