Topless Again

The weather has cooled nicely in the Valley so Friday I decided to drive home with the top down. Nice and warm in San Diego, got to the mountains and it got cooler of course. It got down to 54F with a vicious windchill but I braved the numbness in my body parts rather than that stopping to put the top back up – if I do it again, I need more than a t-shirt and shorts on. Once I got down to the valley floor, the temps were a lovely 78F, the feeling came back into my hands and all was good again. XM even played Billy Bragg’s New England so I cranked it up and enjoyed the rest of the drive.

3 thoughts on “Topless Again”

  1. Ya ever listen to Billy Bragg & Wilco’s Mermaid Avenue? Mermaid 2 was not as good, in my opinion. When I worked at a “Big” design agency in Santa monica we listened to MA every morning, every! Got sick of it but when your design director wants to… well you know. Now I enjoy it once a week.

    What was the heater broken?

  2. No, never heard Mermaid Avenue, and actually I much prefer Kirsty McColl’s version of New England that Billy’s. Still a very good tune though.

    I tried the heat, but even on full blast the wind was whipping it away before it got to me.

  3. Mermaid Ave is a Homage to Woody Guthrie’s music he wrote but never finished before his death. It was approved by his daughter and Arlo, I read.

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