What Defines an Enthusiast?

My wife says I am a MINI-enthusiast because I read the blogs, the news sites, try to keep informed with all the changes etc. I say I’m not an enthusiast because I totally don’t care about things like Fireball Tim’s latest performance mods, or the latest carbon fibre rivets to give me that extra 0.1hp. So what exactly does define you as an enthusiast or not? Clearly I am more into MINIs than the average Kia driver is into their Kia, but I am a long way off of the interest of the “average” MINI enthusiast. Maybe there is a better word for “my kind”. Hmm… maybe I’ll turn the vulgarity filter on!

3 thoughts on “What Defines an Enthusiast?”

  1. I would agree with your wife, you’re a MINI enthusiast. There are those who do look for the latest mods to go faster or watch all the videos about MINI racing and such, but I would call them “tuner” enthusiasts whose car of choice is the MINI. In the forums of a couple of sites these folks frequently compare MINI performance with other cars, whereas a MINI enthusiast is more about the total experience; everything from twistys to the diminutive size. The fact you have a blog dedicated to MINIs, and have named your MINIs, says to me Enthusiast.

  2. Agreed. There are different types of enthusiasm. The bottom line is that all these types of enthusiasm have the MINI as its core. Like it or not, you are an enthusiast because you stay informed on MINI related info.

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