Gas Prices

What a difference a day makes! Last Thursday I bought gas in San Diego for $3.33 a gallon but this morning’s fillup in Brawley to come back was a (by these days standards) decent $3.19! Regular gas is $2.99 everywhere at home, would love to see premium come down to that but I’m not hopeful. Of course, those travelling the country right now are getting prices better than even that.

Speaking of gas, I’m jealous of the mpg figures that Ian is quoting. This morning the OBC was indicating 26.7 but the actual was 24.8 – eek. I wonder how easy it would be to take the back seat out of Carrie, no one uses it as I know no one who is willing to sit back there cramped up. Might be good for a couple extra mpg….

4 thoughts on “Gas Prices”

  1. Yay! No more partial posts in the RSS (or is it Atom?) feed! 🙂

    Regular’s down to a bargain-basement price of $2.659 in Indianapolis currently. My wallet’s getting flush with all this extra cash! Ok, not really, but I’m surprised to see that prices are coming down, in the face of continuing violence in the Mideast (ie. business as usual) and continuing pipeline issues in Alaska. Not that I’m complaining, mind you…

    I have always felt like I get sub-standandard mileage in my ’05 MCS; the best I’ve ever gotten was 31.7mpg, and my normal figures just seem to be a little lower than everybody elses’.

  2. Oddly, I had full posts enabled in my flying blog, but not this one.

    It’s weird, I always complained about my ’02 MCS not getting as good MPG as others, and even not being as fast. And now I find myself thinking the same about my ’05. Must be my expectations. Oh, or poor driving on my part!

  3. Set yourself the goal of one good tank. Keep below 70, don’t accelerate hard, and foot off gas well before the junctions instead of hard braking … you’ll probably get 30+ but it’ll be very boring 😉

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