What a Great Looking Car

I don’t often get to see my MINI on the road because, well, I’m driving it, but yesterday the wife was in Carrie and I was driving the Camry and I got to enjoy seeing my beauty on the road. And I couldn’t help thinking what a great looking car the MINI is.

Its the one year anniversary tomorrow and its been a pretty good year I think. A couple of irritating problems but mostly trouble-free, and always great to drive. Much to my shock I will be about 100 miles shy of 20K for the first year – yikes. I don’t know where all the miles have gone.

MTTS gets in full swing this week. I’ll be keenly watching Ian’s blog(s) (and here) for updates. I like Ian’s style and his honesty, very little of the “MINI could sell poo on a stick and I’d still rate it highly” that I see in on some other places.

4 thoughts on “What a Great Looking Car”

  1. There are several sites that are a little too fanboy for my taste. In MF’s defence I am sure they wouldn’t get the advance news if they were negative and I am happy to get my information from there, if not my opinions.

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