Losing My Touch

Back home in the UK I was fairly proud of my parallel (or if you prefer, reverse) parking skills but 10 years of living in the US has left them unhoned since you rarely have to exercise them. Especially in Southern California where everyone valet parks 🙂 In the summer time the on-street parking at my San Diego apartment is pretty tight and I would regularly have to back Sarah into a spot and I was getting good at it again and, lets be honest, the MINI can get in pretty much anywhere. But with Carrie, the lack of rear visibility is making me a nervous parallel parker, to the point where I’m driving a few blocks to find somewhere “easy” to park. The reason: I hate the idea that people are watching “that incompetent MINI owner” taking several attempts to reverse into a spot “big enough for an H2”. But, honestly, its not my fault, I just can’t see behind the car and when the blinking beeping starts going crazy I’ll pull up and try again. I miss my rear vision.

4 thoughts on “Losing My Touch”

  1. How about one of the cameras I think MINI offers. My horro is hitting the F’n S-Lites on the curb.

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