Official Word on the SRS Light

Well, I don’t know if MINI reads this ol’ blog but yesterday I got a letter in the mail on the subject of the air bag warning light:

We have found and repaired cases in which a wiring harness connector for the side air bag and safety-belt pretensioner has partially loosened. When this occurred the increase in electrical resistance caused the red airbag warning to light up.

The letter suggests having the vehicle looked at as soon as possible if the light comes on to make sure that it is only this problem rather than a serious one. The letter says that in all cases so far, this wiring defect would not have caused a problem with the airbags should an accident have occurred.

Finally, the letter extends the warranty coverage of the vehicle for defects that may occur, for this specific issue, to 10 years/150,000 miles. And there is a sticker for the warranty book to prove it.

Very interesting, I am still going to wait until the oil service in 1200 miles to have it checked but now I am hopeful this isn’t a seat cover issue at all.

3 thoughts on “Official Word on the SRS Light”

  1. Got that letter on Saturday but it was for my ’02 which I had sold last April. I wonder if this covers all years as I haven’t got one for the ’04.

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