Nice Compliment

Stopped at a traffic light on the way home from lunch, a guy in a pick-up truck next to me motioned for me to roll my window down (yes, I’ll admit that I did not have the top down today). He asked me if it was indeed a Cooper that I was driving and he said that he thought the Cooper was the ‘Beetle of his time’; when he was young the cool car was the Beetle, now the cool car to have is the MINI. Can’t think of a much nicer compliment that that.

In other news, the gas station here that is always expensive was showing $3.19 for premium yesterday! I got away with $2.79 at CostCo but we appear to be creeping up to the $3 mark again.

2 thoughts on “Nice Compliment”

  1. My daughter says petrol in Holland is about 6.40, but not sure how that compares to our gallon prices.

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