10,000 Miles

Passed the big 10k mark yesterday on the way to lunch. I didn’t have the camera to hand so can’t show you a picture but it kinda looked like this (though without the ‘P’). I must be driving like a granny as I am still 1800 miles from the oil service, and my warranty repairs. Its taken just under 7 months to make the 10k, helped largely by not commuting to work the last two months, but I think I am on for 18-20k miles in the first year.

One thought on “10,000 Miles”

  1. “though without the ‘P'” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    In one of the MINI documentations it states the service interval is computed using the actual MPG compared with expected MPG – so if you do well on your MPG, you’ll get long service intervals.

    I’ve done 4K since my first service, and the time-to-next is still around 13K.

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