SRS Definitely Broken

Both seat covers are now off but the SRS light and ‘passenger air bag off’ light are still coming on at random times, so its definitely something Brecht will have to look at. When I took the driver side cover off I noticed a lot of wires underneath the seat so I wonder if when we tightened the straps we damaged a wire or something? I’m only 4-6 weeks away from the first service so will wait until then.

Currently at 9992 miles, almost to the big 10k.

2 thoughts on “SRS Definitely Broken”

  1. There are wires for the heated seats (if you have them) and the SRS. Early MINIs had very sensitive connections that could easily be knocked loose and trip SRS warnings – it seems the newer MINIs are less susceptible, but it seems clear you are suffering the same issue.
    Recommend you take the car in without the seat covers! And preferably with the SRS still tripped so they have codes to work with.

  2. Yeah, seat covers?? what seat covers?! Light is very fickle, hopefully it will be on when I get to the dealer but if not I am assuming they can hook it up to the computer and see the errors.

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