Pet Peeve #17

You’re on the motorway, an on-ramp looms, car coming along it wanting on the road with you. So you pull out into the second lane allowing the motorist to come out without having to worry about it. Next you’re alongside each other and the jerk stays level with you, you can’t come back into the lane so you either have to slow right down or speed right up. So much for trying to be nice.

Oh, pet peeve 17B: not moving out of the lane and having the other motorist floor it so they get there at the exact time as you and move out anyway expecting you to break or crash.

One thought on “Pet Peeve #17”

  1. I hear ya!

    My beef would also cover folks getting on the freeway that have not been looking to see if there is any traffic until the last minute, wether they are on their mobile or just lazy! I’m looking over my shoulder as soon as I hit the ramp to see what’s coming at me. My wife doesn’t look until she’s at the end of the ramp and expects people to let her in. Many an argument about that.

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