SRS and the Seat Covers

[Update] So I blogged too soon, go out for lunch today and and the SRS light never goes off. More than that the boot-open warning light is flashing every 10 seconds or so. I tinker with the boot and it doesn’t make any difference. Stays on a while, goes off for a while, blinks stupidly for a while. Argh, this stuff drove me mad with my previous one. Anyway, I took my seat cover off so now there are no covers on and we’ll see if the SRS light at least will now behave.
Three days without the passenger seat cover on and three days without the SRS warning light coming on. Hmmm…. no one else seems to have this problem with their seat covers so maybe it is to do with something under the seat being interfered with by the straps? I suppose I’ll do some more research and mucking about with it, because I’d really like the cover to go back on.

2 thoughts on “SRS and the Seat Covers”

  1. I’m sure that Gary at MoP told me you can’t have seat covers with the new airbag detectors.

    Technically, how does the seat detect something? Pressure? Capacitance? There are many technologies and I think you’ll have difficulty getting MINI to say what is used; you’ll just get the answer “no seat covers”.

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