SRS Experimentation

Those of you paying attention may remember that I have had problems with the SRS warning light going on off all the time pretty much since I arrived home from the dealer. I hadn’t really thought that it was that big a deal but according to this article at MotoringFile it should be treated as an urgent problem. Well, I’ve lived with it for 6 months, I can live with it for the next two until my service is due.

In the meantime I’ve taken the seat cover off the passenger seat to see if that is somehow causing the problem. I can’t find anyone else complaining that their covers caused any faults but its worth a try before I take Carrie to the dealer.

The same article talks about the problem with the clock running fast, seems like it is a somewhat common problem with the 05/06’s and needs the centre cluster to be replaced. I’m happy to know it can be easily fixed. My clock is gaining about 10 minutes every month.

Should hit 10,000 miles next week!