Another Windscreen Bites The Dust

Got in the car this morning, about to start her up and I notice what looks like a crack in the window. Closer inspection reveals that, yep, I have another damn stress crack coming down from the top of the windscreen right behing the rear mirror. I didn’t know the ’05s suffered from this problem, this will be windscreen number 4 between the two MINIs. Grrrr!

3 thoughts on “Another Windscreen Bites The Dust”

  1. Man that stinks. I had a few problems with the weather stripping on my last MINI and thankfully no problems with this one’s window.

    I guess some of us are just lucky eh?

  2. I’m just surprised as I hadn’t read anything about the windscreens being a problem on the newer models. Maybe I’m special, and not just in a short bus ride way?

    I had been saving up my problems for the 10K service but now I’ll get them all looked at after the Christmas rush.

  3. My ’02 had three when I owned it. 2 by stress 1 by las rocas. My used ’04 had been replaced before I got it but they put in some crap windscreen. I was hoping for a gift from the road or a stress crack but nada in 7000 miles. Damn.

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