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Completed my final mod today, got the auto-up window circuit installed. I wasn’t able to do it using the ‘blind’ method but I did manage it without removing the downtubes, just moved them out of the way a little, so it took very little time at all. Its good to have my window circuit back.

Only mod left is the stripes and I’ll be getting a local professional installer to do those for me in the next week or two. In the meantime, here’s some pictures of the latest and greatest:

Wet Okole Seat Covers

Seat Covers  Seat Covers

XM Direct


Nodding Bulldog

British Bulldog   British Bulldog  British Bulldog

5 thoughts on “Recent Mods”

  1. Nice job getting the XM into the factory head unit. I though only the Sirius could be used with that. Maybe you could share more about how you did that 🙂

  2. Yeah, the bulldog is too cool! When I was back in England last trip I joked about getting a hula girl for the dash and said to my sister that a british bulldog would be funny. Well, walking around Exeter later that day, she found one and gave it to me as a present!

  3. MDS – what you need is an XM Direct receiver and the appropriate Blitzsafe adaptor. The Blitzsafe connects to the CD changer port in the boot which then connects to the Direct box. I managed to get both behind the moulding in the boot so they are invisible. Put the XM antenna somewhere that can see the sky (as you can see from my pics I haven’t worked out how to do that neatly yet) and you have XM on the head unit, you can use it with the MFSW if you have it, too. It’s so much better than mounting a SkyFi unit somewhere like I did in the ’02.

    Some more info here:

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