Fuel Consumption After 10 Fillups

2996 miles and ten fillups since getting Carrie and thought I’d post some stats, none of them real good really.

  • Average Fuel Economy – 24.6 MPG
  • Best Fuel Economy – 27.1 MPG
  • Worst Fuel Economy – 22.88 MPG
  • Average Gas Price – $3.126
  • Most Expensive Gas – $3.249
  • Cheapest Gas – $2.979

2 thoughts on “Fuel Consumption After 10 Fillups”

  1. No long journeys?
    Your average is about my worst so far – but I don’t normally use a/c; you probably have to living where you do 😉
    On the other hand, you didn’t pay $3.49/gallon (though it’s down again now – I had trouble reaching $30 for the tank tonight!)

  2. No, no long journeys so far. Typical week is 120 miles to San Diego, 1.5 miles to work and back each day, a few 5-10 mile trips for shopping etc and then back 120 miles at the end of the week.

    I paid $3.069 last night, under $40 for a tank!

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