Now that I’m back from the funeral its time to get on with the projects that seem to be hanging around, no more “its too hot” excuses:

  • Bonnet Stripes: the new stripes came whilst I was away but I’m going to find a professional to do the installation this time
  • Auto-Window Up circuit: been putting this off as it looks a lot trickier on the ’05 than on the ’02.
  • XM Direct: couldn’t remove the cover that is hiding the CD changer port before but I know the trick now (and have large hacksaw!) so think this is doable. I still don’t know how I will get the cable from the boot to the antenna on the dashboard, might be for the local audio pro to do.
  • Nodding Dog: Whilst in England my sister gave me a nodding British bulldog to sit on the dash (in lieu of the hula girl) but I fear it is too large to sit there

Well, plenty to keep me busy, hopefully I can knock these off pretty soon.