Only A Fool….

Whilst driving in to San Diego this morning I had about a mile of clear road ahead of me on the inside lane before the next car, the outside lane was bumper-to-bumper, brakes on every 5 seconds, and I was reminded of the old saying “Only a fool breaks the three second rule”. And then I remembered that it was later changed to “Only a fool breaks the two second rule”. Did the population get quicker reaction times in between time? And, now, is it down to one second?? Too bad Jimmy Saville isn’t around to let us know [*].

Got a parcel yesterday: european parcel shelf, aux input and glove box organiser now joining the seat covers in the office. Now if only I had the vehicle to put them in. I’m going to have to get the XM Direct real soon, too. Going to be quite the ‘install party’ first weekend I have it.

[*] Apologies to all the American readers who probably have no clue what I am on about. Speaking of England, I am flying out tonight to spend a week there so there probably won’t be any updates for a while.

4 thoughts on “Only A Fool….”

  1. Sorry. the checks go out at random intervals to random people. Your number wasn’t up because the formula I use to determine recipients took into account your upcoming trip. You have been permanently removed from the list for the time being. I’ll put you back upon your return.

  2. The world is full of fools – that’s all it is. So many times I maintain a safe distance to the car in front, and the fool behind has to drive round me to fill it 🙁

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