Key Options And a Delay!

[Update 2:]Now the schedule page says it will arrive August 12th, maybe by the time it gets here it will be back on track. Either way, it looks like maybe an August 20th ribbon cutting ceremony at South Bay MINI.

[Update:] The schedule page for the OOCL Faith now shows her arriving in Los Angeles on Aug 15th – a full 6 days later than previously announced. Argh, the first real delay of my order process.

Today I got the form from South Bay MINI on which I can choose what programmable options are available on my key. I had been expecting more for some reason but there were just 4:

  • Day Running Lights – want the low beams on all the time when you’re driving?
  • Pathway Lighting – how long do you want the high beams to stay on after shutdown?
  • Central Locking – do you want the doors to automatically lock when you start moving?
  • Selective Unlocking – first button press unlocks driver door, second unlocks passenger door

Conspicuous by its absence its the ability to open/close the roof from the key. According to the MINI forums this is no longer a standard option as there have been ‘liability’ issues (some people need to get some self-responsibility) so you have to ask for it. And even then, some dealers are refusing to program it. I was told that if I wanted it, to write it on the form: I did.

6 thoughts on “Key Options And a Delay!”

  1. I forget what options I had programmed, now. My favorite one is being able to open the windows and roof from the remote (although I wish the range was better and that everything opened faster…). So that’s definitely something that’s possible. I don’t see how *opening* the roof and windows would be a liability, but this is America, and anything is possible.

    I’ve got everything you’ve listed enabled. DRL is a safety item, and I like being seen (a hold-over from riding a motorcycle, I suppose).

    I do think there’s another one not on your list; you can have a tone sound when the low fuel light comes on. The manual states this is an option, but mine doesn’t do it. I can use all the help I can get to not run out of gas… 🙂

  2. Those look like the options to get if I were going to. I hope they can put the top on the key. I would want that just for the *cool* factor, ya know? people start droolin’ all over your ride and you sneak up on ’em and hit the switch to drop the top…that would be awesome!

    Oh yea, not sure if you noticed or not, but it looks like someone spilled a strawberry smoothie on your site. Don’t bother cleaning it off, it looks great!

  3. South Bay will let me program the key so I will have auto-roof up/down. What would be really cool is if they could then start the dashboard hula girl shaking her thing immeadiately after….

  4. If you don’t have rain sensing wipers, there should be options to do with the wipers auto-slowing when the car stops; and I did not think the “pathway lighting” was an option any more!

  5. I just took delivery on MCSC last week and it was not programmed for the “convenience opening” of the top. It goes back to the dealer next Wed to get it programmed in. I think it is a must have, even if it is just for the “cool” factor. Good luck!

  6. Scott – cool!! How do you like the new car?? I agree its a must have, most people are wow’ed by the fact that the roof is auto locking, being able to open it remotely will blow them away.

    I read last night that another reason quoted for not offering the convenience opening is that it drains the battery too much. Who knows.

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