With the ship supposed to be in Hamburg, Germany today, I’ve been thinking about accessories. On the list so far:

  • Some alarm system or other – standard alarm is $567 installed, maybe I should do Lojack or something else?
  • Aux input – $245 installed!!!! I’ll order that elsewhere and do it myself
  • Glove box organiser
  • Cubby hole organiser
  • Auto-up window circuit
  • European parcel shelf
  • Wet Okole seat covers – already ordered

Anything I’m missing??

7 thoughts on “Accessorize”

  1. holy cow! 245 to install the aux port adapter? It’s $49.99 at moss mini, less from the parts desk.

    Are you going to get a little bobblehead hula gal for the dash? That would be awesome!

  2. Yeah, I can’t believe they want $245 either. From what I read its a simple install and I’d much rather have it under the centre console than in the glove box. I did say that I’d probably do it myself and was warned that I risk voiding the electrical circuit warranty of I fry anything during the install.

    I’ll get back to you on the hula gal!

  3. Seems to me that Ian did the factory alarm install himself. The ’05s are pre-wired for it. I’m thinking it was only a couple hundred bucks to do…

  4. Wow…I would steer business away from your dealer for those prices!
    Aux input is $40 at the parts counter. You can reach back and plug it into your head unit in less than a minute.
    I believe usual price for the alarm installed is $400. Or you can get the parts even cheaper and install yourself.
    Is there another dealer nearby that you can call and check their prices?

  5. The MINIUSA website lists the price for alarm on the convertible as $499, so they’re only charging me $50 or so for the install. I think the alarm is much more expensive than the hard top because it is has to detect motion when the top is down??

    Yeah, I am definitely doing the aux myself, I’ll do it at the same time as the window circuit and parcel shelf.

  6. I think the parts for my ’05 alarm were $300 – but as you say the convertible alarm is apparently much more complex, with motion sensors in each footwell (?!)
    I got samples of the Wet Okoles recently and was a bit disappointed, plus Theo says they block the heated seats working in the cold weather – no good for where I live 😉

  7. I think $50 for the alarm install is decent and will go for that. I have the Wet Okoles on my Jeep and like them a lot. Heated seats are definitely not required where I live!! Though actually it can get below freezing some nights in the winter…. Ian – I sent you an email to order a window circuit.

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