Pick a Flag, Any Flag

I’ve seen a couple of dark silver cabrio MCS’ this week so I am going to need to make mine a little more individual from the get-go. I’ve always planned on putting a decal on the rear window but maybe I will get it now rather than wait a while. I want to put an England flag in the back but, as I said earlier, I don’t want people thinking I’m a Red Cross vehicle or an ambulance (for midgets?). The England flag regularly appears with the word “England” across it so thats what I will get. Here are some candidate designs that I’ve stolen off the web – your opionions please!

Flag 1 Flag 2
Flag 3 Flag 4

4 thoughts on “Pick a Flag, Any Flag”

  1. if you put something on your rear window and the top is down….

    I vote for the example located in grid 2 (england_flag1_menu.jpg)

  2. I agree with DB. The one in the upper right.

    I’m still trying to think of something else unique and different for you. : )

  3. Thirding the vote for top right … the convertible rear window is pretty small though and you would have even less visibility!

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