New MINI On Order

So, we’re on! Today I got my production number and I could go to the MINI Owner’s Lounge to check out my new baby. As expected, it is currently “on order”:

on order

4 thoughts on “New MINI On Order”

  1. W00T!

    The hardest part about owning a MINI IMO is waiting for her to arrive! As much as I want an ’05, I don’t think I could go through that process again.

  2. Well, in my case it might be good. I’m really in two minds about justifying a new one, this will give me time to get over that. Plus there is an awful lot of shit going on at home that may suck all the life (and cash) out of me before then. But the deposit is refundable if I want to cancel, though I hope I won’t need to. Now… when I am going to get a production date!

  3. I hope all goes well for you – it would be a major tragedy to get so close to a “new toy” then not get it.
    God luck.

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