Vegas or ?

Been thinking about whether to go to Vegas for this year’s MINI Vacation in Vegas after all. If the crowd is as clique-y as last year then pretty much the only attraction of the event is to be amongst all the MINIs and to motor to interesting places; unless you’re driving something other than stock, you’d better know people or you’ll be ignored. But the runs are the same ones I did last year and the fun of being amongst the MINIs is offset by the distance, cost etc. So I’m having a hard time convincing myself to go.

5 thoughts on “Vegas or ?”

  1. Well I was pondering going out there alone for my first “Vacation”. Still want to make the road trip if nothing else. Maybe we should start a clique of “boring” stock Mini owners who still love their cars?

  2. Well, I’ll tell you what.

    It will be clicque ridden. Be aware of this prior to going. Last years, in the opinion of many of my people who attended… was not good.

    There will be a few of us from TeamMightyMiniZ there and you are MORE than welcome to join us on any activity we decide to do… MINI or NonMINI.

    I’ve personally tried to assist with the Vegas event, but it’s preplanned clique-ness is to trite to delve into.

    It could be better. 89% better than it will be. Just keep that in mind and your hopes low, maybe you’ll have a good time. The Runs are boring as hell. Let’s Face it, Vegas offers no real motoring excitement.

    We might be at the Las Vegas MotorSpeedway one night out of the AMVIV, which they are not part of. We think it’ll be fun.

    So, Like I said, we’re welcome you with open arms and motoring excitement. Stock or not. It’s all good.


  3. Wacko, I think its worth doing once but unless you’re the kind of person who easily pushes themselves into groups be prepared to be on your own. I had thought there would be some great camaradie but that certainly wasn’t there. I did enjoy the runs but not enough to do them twice. So I say go this year but be prepared to not want to do it again.

  4. It is a perfect reflection of how clique-ish the SoCal MINI “community” is. It’s like they are residents of Jonestown.
    The Vegas community is … non existant. I’ve yet to find them, really. But I must say, the Scion community, SoCal and Vegas… GREAT!
    We, at TeamMightyMiniZ welcome everyone, every kind of car, stock or modded.
    Like I said, if you go, and we’re there… Hang with us and wreak some havok.

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