Gas Prices Part Deux

Just back from a nice surprise at Costco in El Centro, a gallon of Premium Unleaded was just $2.13, the Regular was under $2 at $1.99!!!

4 thoughts on “Gas Prices Part Deux”

  1. I’m glad, sometimes, that I live in the midwest. Today, Costco premium was $1.80 with regular at $1.60. The near $30 fill ups in the MINI over the summer were starting to get old.

    My friend in England tells me to stop complaining. He pays almost $6.00/gallon equivalent.

  2. Yeah, whenever I grumble about gas prices I think about what I would be paying if I was back home. It amazes me though to think that just a few years ago when I was on the East Coast, the very last tank of gas I bought before moving to CA was 99c a gallon.

  3. and I’m excited to be paying $2.279 still? Still beats the pants outta what it was over the summer, or what they pay in the UK.

  4. Yikes – Our demand for oil is so high these days. When are we ever going to learn that vehicles like BIG SUV’S do nothing but clog our roads; and use an excessive amount of gasoline. Not only that but if one ever hits my small import I am a dead man. Not saying we all need to go out and buy Yugo’ but big gas guzzling macho SUV’S are such as waste. I think that if you want to drive a big SUV then you need to pay perhaps $5.00 – $6.00 per gallon and those of us who are more economics’ minded can pay less. Just swipe your D/L and auto scan of your PLATE it will be coded with the info on what car you are filling up. Same with cell phones to many morons driving around talking on their cell while driving. Some one has and is going to get killed. I heard that Chi Town is going to make it a ticketed offense if you are talking on your cell phone and driving. Pretty smart for midwesterners What’s taken so long for crazy arrogant Americans to realize that they really need to get rid of the SUV’S is the same no brainier that bozo’ with cell phone while driving should be hammered with huge fines…might as well legalize drunk drivers. At least they have the booze to blame for their stupidly.

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