As most people know, I am not a speeder. I may do 80 in a 70 zone when that is the general speed of the traffic but, unlike many MINI drivers, you won’t find me doing 100+ even though Sarah certainly would love to. My reasons are two-fold: first, I don’t want to get a ticket, never had one in my life and don’t intend to (though with my regular San Diego commute I consider it inevitable). Second, I think it’s irresponsible in most public road conditions. You might think you can stop on a dime from 130mph after coming round a blind curve to find a poor Cruiser owner broken down in the middle of the road but I know I can’t. In such an event I am happy to see Darwinism take care of you but I don’t believe innocents should have to suffer for your lesson in mortality.

I am pasting a posting from the SCMM forum which shows exactly why I don’t hang out with these people any more. Its not a question of if this guy seriously hurts himself or someone else, its a question of when. I don’t intend to be there when it happens.

Well … I had been pumping along at 110-130 at the time and that seemed to present an “issue” with Mr. CHP (go figure) … of course, I had no idea he was “watching me” and a dude in a HEMI Dodge going at it … so, he was pissed cause it took a while to land my sorry MINI ass … but he was impressed with my driving and thought the car was “cool” … durr … we KNOW THAT …

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  1. I agree with you on this one. I think it should be noted that (thankfully) the person in question was not on a club run: guarantee you he wouldn’t be allowed to act like that on a any that I was leading.

    I can see where the temptation lies to let the MINI run. But those kinds of speeds & that kind of behavior belong on a track. Period.

    My 2p.

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