Good Gas

Its good to see gas prices coming down a bit. I paid under $2.40 today for the first time in a while. I have recently found a good gas station on the outskirts of El Cajon, the 2nd St exit. It’s an Exxon station and today has premium for $2.27 (or so it looked from the freeway).

On the trip over to San Diego today, had to drive on snow and ice over the mountain. It was amazing to see all the snow on the ground. The DSC came on a couple of times though I really didn’t feel any reason for it.

I don’t know if my MINI is self-adapting, but the recent problems starting in cold weather have gone away, she starts first time every time.

Lastly, I want to wish Sarah a Happy 40th – on the drive home Friday she passed her 40,000th mile and still going strong. A few rattles inside the cockpit but otherwise no sign of aging.

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