Aural Warnings

I’ve always thought it odd that there is no aural warning when the ‘low fuel’ state is reached. Unless you glance over and see that the little red light is on, you might not notice until the MINI starts to stutter. There is a warning, however, when the outside temperature gets into the ‘ice zone’, so that you can adjust your driving style to the risk of ice on the roads. It came on this morning a couple of times on the way to San Diego, temps went down to 29F at one point.

One thought on “Aural Warnings”

  1. You can enable a “bing” when the low fuel level is reached, at least on newer MINIs – I had it enabled on mine but it has lost it (things get reset when the car is updated sometimes).
    Anyway, I rarely heard the quiet sound while motoring with the stereo on 🙂

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