Seems like its been a long tine since I had any problems with Sarah which is good as I was getting a little tired of the long drives to Escondido for service. But since the weather has cooled, it takes two turns of the ignition to get her to start in the mornings and evenings. She’ll turn over and start but almost instantly the motor dies. I have to take the car back to Brecht for the emissions recall so I shall see if they can look at that same time.

There’s a guy here at work thinking of getting a purple convertible MCS, if he does I will find it really hard to resist doing the same.

3 thoughts on “Problems”

  1. This is the infamous “cold start” problem – the engine computer seems to be unable to adapt to some changes in ambient conditions.
    The recall will reprogram the computer and this will, at least in the short term, resolve the issue. But it might recur … or maybe finally MINI have fixed it with V39!

  2. Yesterday I had to clear out over 400 spam comments and inadvertently deleted a bona fide comment on this item. Just wanted to say sorry to the poster, nothing personal, just a slip of the mouse. I appreciate all comments I get – thank you!

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